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Board of Directors Club North Haven

Row 1 - Chairman Terry King, Deputy Chairman Colin Palmer, Finance Director Brian Johnston

Row 2 - Director Ted Brain, Director Kel Coulter

Row 3 - Director Carole Graham, Director Larrie James, Director Irene Page

Club History

Club North Haven has come a long way since it had to halve the membership fees, because it simply had nothing to offer potential members.

In just over 55 years, the Club has grown from a group of bowlers without a home, to a strong and ever growing organisation with some of the best bowling greens and clubhouse facilities on the mid north coast.

The Club was founded at a public meeting at the North Haven Community Hall in late 1952. The meeting saw Fred Long elected as the president, with Wal Lewis and Dick Edwards as his secretary and treasurer. That meeting decided to go ahead with a bowling club, and the subs were fixed at three pounds three shillings a year. But with nothing to offer the members, they decided on half fees for the first year or until the green and clubhouse were established.

The committee then had to find suitable available Crown Land for lease. After finding the right block, they then applied to the Lands Dept. for its acquisition, which was eventually accomplished. After soil testing and assistance from neighbouring clubs, mostly Wauchope, with regard to the laying out of the green, work commenced on the leveling of the land. A considerable amount of fill was required, and this was only able to be dumped by trucks on Sundays, as the equipment worked nearly full time at the mineral plant during the week.

The green was underway and the committee then decided to finance the clubhouse. They decided to issue debentures, and call for guarantors for a bank loan. The finance was eventually raised and plans were drawn up by Dudley Baker, after whom one of the greens was named.

Sufficient numbers for membership was a problem, as the liquor laws required 100 members, and as a bowling club it was felt that they could not supply sufficient members. By calling it a bowling and recreation club, and admitting women, they met the requirements of the law.

Some of the early history of the Club has been misplaced, as no records were made, but Dick Edwards recalled some facts some years ago. Mention was made of Jim Gibson for his tireless efforts in the early part of the Club's struggle for survival. Jim took over the secretary's job from Wal Lewis, and carried on until the Club was established and became the first license holder.

Another name he recalled was Geoff Schubert from Comboyne. Geoff was the owner of the sawmill that supplied the floor for the first clubhouse. He said about payment, "when you can afford it; don't let it worry you". It is thought that he did eventually get paid. Laurie Hanslow was one of the biggest investors in debentures, if not the biggest, and when his loan was settled, he refused to take the interest due to him.

The first green was ready for play by the end of 1956 and it was on that green that Ray Ellington won the Club's first championship. The first clubhouse, a modest timber construction, is now the hall for the Laurieton Scouts.

In July 1955, the North Haven Women's Bowling Club was formed with 16 enthusiastic members. Mrs. Tess Gibson was elected president, Mrs. Marcia Sloane honorary secretary and Miss Joan (Walker) Long treasurer. NSWWBA president, Mrs. Ida Wolinski officially opened the Women's Club in March 1958.

The first Riverview Carnival, the combined idea of eight members including Joan Long and Mary Watts, was held in November 1958, and it has grown in popularity over the years. Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2008, the Riverview Carnival continues to draw over 300 bowlers from all across NSW and interstate.

A new clubhouse was built in 1970. Don Bray, president of the RNSWBA officially opened the Club in November. At that stage, Dudley Baker was president and Jim Thompson secretary. Afternoon teas were still served in the old club then, as no provision was made for a bistro. RNSWBA vice president, Gordon Bruderlin, officially opened the second stage of development, which included a bistro, auditorium, stage and a second bar, in April 1975.

The Riverview Lounge was the next extension and what a difference that made to the Club. Visitors from everywhere remarked on the fantastic view and the ladies were thrilled with their new lounge. RNSWBA president, Laurie Fraser, officially opened these extensions in April 1984. Wal Hatch was president, and Jack Berry secretary manager. Further extensions were made in 1991, 1994, 2000 and 2007. The 2000 extensions involved provision of a new storeroom on the south west corner of the Riverview Lounge. The snooker room was renovated and in that area a new Boardroom and laundry were added. The men's locker room was moved upstairs and the Ladies locker room was enlarged. The 2007 extensions included improved access to the club for mobility impaired visitors, a new front entrance, foyer and reception. With the freshly laid carpet added in 2009, the Club continues to be a comfortable and welcoming place. When our fantastic greens are taken into consideration, North Haven represents the complete package for the keen bowler and it is no wonder it is so appreciated by members and visitors alike.

In 2016 and to reflect the changing members demographic in the area the club changed it's name to Club North Haven.

It is now 2018 and Club North Haven have renovated the eastern side of the club and developed a new TAB Sports Bar section, Coffee station, Alfresco Gaming, new amenities, Bowling Office, locker rooms and multi purpose function area.

These renovations will hold Club North Haven in good stead moving forward with the proposed growth of the area of some 4,000 new residences over the next ten years. Club North Haven has seen a change in membership over the last three years with the average age of members starting to lower from over 75yrs to a majority of members now between 45 and 70 years of age.

Although there is a name change the new look Club North Haven will still have the same friendly service, great entertainment, fantastic food and the same great friends that they have always had. The sub clubs will still be as active as ever, with men’s and ladies lawn bowls, golf, fishing, snooker, darts, poker, rock n roll, line dancing, tai chi, heart moves and bingo. You can follow what’s on at Club North Haven through all forms of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or of course here on the website.