February 28, 2024

On Friday, Supervisor Jess and General Manager Tim attended the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood center in Port Macquarie, to not only donate their time and plasma/blood, but to help celebrate local resident Bruce’s incredible 650th donation of blood and plasma.

On this day we were greeted by the lovely staff, management, volunteers, Hit FM, other milestone donors and recipients of blood and plasma products. This ‘Plasma Party’ was an absolute hit and Club north Haven was proud to be able to assist with personal donations.
We were shocked to learn that 1 in 3 people will need a lifesaving transfusion in their life, but only 1 on 30 people donate, meaning Lifeblood really needs our help!
We hope that by sharing our donations and that of Bruce (how incredible is 650 donations?!) we can encourage others in our community to reach out and become donors or encourage those around them to consider.
To find out more information or to see if you are eligible to donate, please visit:
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