KARMA KEG – Help us help Lochie

April 26, 2024

Join us at Karma Keg on Wednesday, May 1st, where you can enjoy a refreshing pint while supporting a great cause. We are coming together to raise funds to help Lochie, so every pint you purchase will go towards making a difference in his life. The event will last until 2 x 3.5 kegs are empty, so the more pints we sell, the more we can contribute to this worthy cause.

Karma Keg is a fantastic way to bring the community together for a common goal. By simply enjoying a beer with friends, you can have a positive impact on someone’s life. Lochie will benefit directly from your support, and you can feel good knowing that your pint has made a difference.

Join us on May 1st at the Karma Keg event and raise your glass to help Lochie. Your participation will not only be a fun evening out but also a meaningful way to give back to someone in need. Let’s come together, enjoy some cold beers, and turn our good times into good deeds.