The Main Bar

at Club North Haven
The main bar at Club North Haven overlooks our bowling greens. It has comfortable furnishings, large screen TV's and stunning modern design features. Our main bar really is the perfect place to relax, catch up with friends or just enjoy another day in paradise.
Paradise Lounge

The Paradise Bar

at Club North Haven

The Paradise Bar at Club North Haven is our home for Friday Night Cocktails and Sunday afternoon music. With its stunning views across the river and on to North Brother Mountain The Paradise Bar has first class furnishings and its own dedicated bar.

Friday night is cocktail night in our new Paradise Bar. Cocktails from $10 each, Margarita, Slum Dog, Nutella Surprise, Cosmopolitan, Strawberry Five, Long Island Ice Tea, Tom Collins, Mojitos and plenty more to choose from. 7-9pm see you there

Sunday afternoon it is the perfect place to chill out with some friends and listening to live music from 2.00pm.

The Paradise bar is also available for private functions and events.

Sports Bar & TAB

at Club North Haven
The new Sports Bar at Club North Haven features big screen TVs showing live sport from around the world as well as a state of the art TAB facilities. Why not catch up with some mates and have a great time watching the cricket, footy or horse racing. Plus we also have our new luxurious indoor and outdoor facilities for our members.
Bars and gaming

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